You can receive up to $25 in credit for transferring your existing health savings account (HSA) balance to EECU, if you are charged a fee for closing your HSA with another HSA provider.

    To take advantage of this offer, just follow these simple steps:


    1. Complete and mail the Direct Transfer form to EECU by October 31, 2021.  Complete this form: HSA Direct Transfer Instructions (Form 2625H)


    • EECU will work directly with your other HSA provider to automatically transfer funds from your account with them to your new EECU HSA.


    1. Complete and mail the Redemption form to EECU by November 30, 2021. Completed this form: HSA Fee Redemption Form


    • After you have submitted your Direct Transfer Form, mail EECU documentation showing you were charged a Closing Fee by your other HSA provider. Documentation can include an account statement or transaction receipt.



    • Here is the mailing address:


    Attn: HSA Department

    1617 West 7th Street

    Fort Worth, TX 76102


    Beginning on December 2021, a credit equal to the account closing fee charged by your other HSA provider, up to $25, will automatically be credited to your EECU HSA. The credit will not count toward the contribution limit for the year. Limited to one qualifying transfer per account.