Hardship Leave Policy


    Effective June 10, 2019, Board policy DEC(LOCAL) changed Hardship Leave as indicated below.


    After all available paid leave days have been exhausted, including vacation, if applicable, a full-time employee with at least 90 days of full-time service, shall be granted Hardship Leave in accordance with the following:

    • A maximum of 10 days of hardship leave may be awarded in a school year for the employee's own personal illness or injury, including pregnancy-related illness or injury, absences related to the adoption of a child or placement of a foster child, or absences related to the illness or injury of the employee's spouse, parent, or child.
    • If both spouses are employed by the District, the District must limit their use for adoption or placement of a child to a combined total of ten days of hardship leave.

    To be eligible for hardship leave, the employee must have worked at least 18 workdays during the school year.


    A written request for hardship leave must be submitted to the LISD's Benefits Office for approval no later than 60 days from the first day of absence pertaining to the hardship request and must be accompanied by medical certification if related to an illness or injury.  

    The employee shall be required to provide documentation of the health condition. The documentation shall accompany the request for the hardship leave to the Benefits Department and shall identify the beginning leave date and return date.

     The employee shall receive one-half of the employee's daily rate of pay for each day of hardship leave taken.