Who is the contact person for leave questions?

    Tony Saldivar is the Leave Administrator. See her contact information to the right; email: saldivarmaria@lisd.net   


    What forms do I need to complete?

    About a month before your anticipated delivery date, complete a Leave Request Form and a Hardship Form.  Send these forms to the Benefits Department along with a note from your doctor.  This note should indicate your due date and the length of time the doctor plans to take you off work. This information will be put in a pending file until Benefits is notified the leave has started. That is the point the paperwork will be processed.

    When you know for certain the date you will return to work, a medical release must be submitted to the Benefits Department with a return to work date.

    When should I add the baby to my health insurance?

    If you have Medical Insurance through Lewisville ISD - To add coverage for the newborn, you must add the new dependent to the on-line Benefits system within 31 days after the date of birth and complete the Benefit Change Form.  Note:  This timeframe applies to all plans regardless of whether you already had family coverage. If the change is submitted after the enrollment period for the newborn child, the request to add coverage will be denied–even if there would be no change in premium.

    TRS-ActiveCare automatically provides coverage for a newborn child of a covered employee for the first 31 days after the date of birth, but this coverage ends unless the newborn is added to the employee’s coverage. 

    How do I get hardship days?

    Completing the Employee Application for Hardship Leave form is the way hardship days are awarded. Full time employees with 90 days of continuous service qualify for hardship days. Hardship pay is 50% of your daily rate.

    Here is the way hardship days are calculated: look at the length of time the doctor takes you off work; count the contract days that fall within that time period; subtract any state/local/vacation days you have available; then for the remainder up to 10 hardship days can be awarded. No pay is available past the date the doctor says you can return to work unless you still have days of your own to use. In that case, hardship days would not have been awarded. Hardship days are only awarded for days the medical certification states the employee cannot work.


    I have disability insurance. How do I file a claim?

    Here is the link to the instructions and the claim form.

    At the point you are taken off work, complete the Employee Section of the claim form and have your doctor complete the Physician Section of the form. Then send those two parts to the Benefits Department; who will do the Employer Section and send to the company for processing. The check comes directly from Standard; it does not go through LISD Payroll.

    You can file for disability during the summer months if you are a 187 day contract person. Keep in mind that what you get from LISD pay wise does not impact what you are eligible to receive from disability. The two things are completely separate.


    What is FMLA?

    FMLA stands for the Family Medical Leave Act. To qualify for FMLA, you must have been a District employee for at least a year and have worked 1,250 hours in the 12 months immediately preceding your leave. If you qualify for FMLA, you are able to stay on leave for up to 12 work weeks due to the birth of a baby. FMLA does not affect your pay; it merely gives you the time off work. If your medical is through LISD, FMLA also guarantees that the District will contribute their portion to your medical coverage for a 12 week period of time. Eligibility for FMLA is determined at the time your leave paperwork is processed.  If you do not qualify for FMLA, you must return to work at the point you are medically released.


    Does LISD give paid maternity leave?

    The only way you get paid when you are out on any type of leave is if you have the days accumulated to be paid either through state, local, vacation, hardship or Sick Leave Bank days.


    What happens to my benefits if I don’t receive a paycheck while out on leave?

    If you don’t receive a paycheck at some point or if there is not enough money on your check to cover your benefit deductions, Payroll will notify Benefits. Benefits will send a letter requesting you to pay for your benefits directly. Benefits will notify you of the amount and when the payment must be paid.


    I am a member of the Sick Leave Bank. Can I use those days while on maternity leave?

    The Sick Leave Bank will not award days for recuperation from delivery. If you are put on bed rest prior to delivery and are out for at least 10 days prior to delivery, complete a Sick Leave Bank application and return to Benefits.

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