• Report all work-related injuries immediately to Cindy Smith at the Benefits Office at 469.948.8071, even if the employee does not plan to see a doctor.
    • Have the employee fill out the EMPLOYEE’S FIRST REPORT OF INJURY OR ILLNESS form. FAX the completed form to the Benefits Office at 972-350-9360. Keep the original in your office for your records.

    • Give the employee copies of the MEDICAL FACILITY NOTIFICATION FORM -- to take to the doctor and Workers' Compensation Prescription Temporary Card form for the pharmacy. Do NOT return a copy of this form to the Benefits Office. The employee should not have any out-of-pocket expenses. Inform the employee that they MUST see a doctor who accepts Workers’ Compensation. They MUST NOT use their personal health insurance. Also provide the Employee Rights and Responsibilities flyer.  

    • If employee will be leaving work due to their injury on the SAME day the injury occurs, let the Benefits Office know.  They will not be docked for this time.

    • After the employee has seen the doctor, if the DOCTOR takes the employee off work, code the absence as “Workers’ Comp”. A form will be sent to the employee giving them the opportunity to authorize LISD to NOT use their available paid leave during the 7-day waiting period before they can be compensated by Workers’ Comp for lost time.  If the form is not returned to the Benefits Department, their available paid leave will be used.

    • For doctor/physical therapy appointments, code the absence as state/local Personal - encourage doctor/physical therapy visits to be made during non-working hours.