If you are enrolled in one of LISD's TRS Medical Plans, there are many VALUE ADDED BENEFITS available:

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    • Tools for a Healthier You   
    • Herramientas para una vida mas saludable
    • RediMD Teledoc provides medical treatment without having to go to a doctor's office.
    • Personal Health Guide (866-355-5999) is available 24/7 to assist with benefit questions.
    • Registered Nurse Line (833-968-1770) is available 24/7 to assist with medical questions.
    • (ARR)Musculoskeletal Alternative Care Treatment
      • Airrosti Remote Recovery (ARR)
        • $0 copay for participants enrolled in TRS-ActiveCare Primary, TRS-ActiveCare Primary+, & TRS-ActiveCare2 plans
        • Airrosti is a trusted in-network provider that delivers effective muscle and joint care
        • Airrosti is also available to support your health and well-being initiatives through in-person support.
          • Motion health assessments testing range of motion
          • Injury prevention workshops
          • Wellness activities
        • You may reach the Airrosti team by emailing:TRSActiveCare_Support@Airrosti.com 


    • Member Rewards This benefit is exclusively for participants with TRS-ActiveCare Primary and Primary+ health plans.