Frequently Asked Questions


    What are hardship days?  

    Hardship days are non-cumulative from year to year and will be paid at one-half of the employee's daily rate of pay for each day of hardship leave taken.

    Important facts about hardship days:

    Full time employees are eligible for up to 10 hardship days in any school year 

    • All available paid leave days have been exhausted including State, Local and Vacation 
    • A full time employee with at least 90 days of full time service
    • Hardship days can be awarded in full or half day increments 
    • A hardship day is paid at one-half of the employee's daily rate for each day of of hardship leave
    • 18 days must be worked at the start of the school year or contract before hardship days can be paid
    • Hardship paperwork must be submitted within 60 days from the first eligible absence to be considered.

     For what reasons can I apply for hardship?

    • Your health issue
    • For the health issues of a spouse/parent/child


    Who is the contact person for hardship?

    Tony Saldivar, Leave Coordinator

    How do I apply for hardship days?

    Complete a Hardship Leave Form and send it to Tony Saldivar in the Benefits Office along with supporting documentation for the absence (Doctor's note). The employee shall be required to provide documentation of the health condition. The documentation shall accompany the request for the hardship leave to the Benefits Department and shall identify the start of leave date and return date.

    How much will be awarded for each day? 

    One-half of the employee's daily rate of pay for each day of hardship leave taken will be paid.