Aflac Pass

  • As healthcare continues to rise many employees are left with a tighter healthcare budget.  Aflac has partnered with Careington to provide a solution that offers access to dental, vision, hearing and Rx discounts. Employees can cut out-of-pocket costs through a simple, hassle-free process they can use immediately, with no deductibles or co-pays and no claims to file. It is a discount at the point of service.

    • Dental Pass - offers savings at over 250,000 dental providers nationwide.
    • Hearing Pass - helps reduce the cost of hearing care and hearing aids.
    • Vision Pass - offers savings on eye exams, contact lenses and eye wear
    • Rx Discounts Pass -A complimentary card employees can use to get discounts on medications, and it's accepted at over 62,000 pharmacies.
    • Access to the pass is for all LISD employees regardless of benefit coverage

     To obtain a pass go to, choose a service then pay $12 for a 30-day pass.  You can use a pass unlimited times during the 30-day period. The discounts are designed to outweigh the $12 cost. 

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