• Remember you can always work on your Pearson homework on any technology
    1. Your iPad
    2. a Computer
    3. a Phone
    4. or any other form of technology
    If you cant log on to SAVVAS REALIZE Try these 3 different ways.
    1. On your iPad click Learning Hub  the "Learning Hub" icon, then select Pearson SSO "SAVVAS Single SignOn".
    2. In Safari type the url "lhub.lisd.net", then select Pearson SSO "SAVVAS Single SignOn".
         3. Try clicking on this SAVVAS Realize - Single SignOn Link.  If you get a red message click same link one more time =)
  • Click this app on your iPad iPad Support  or go to ipadsupport.lisd.net.
    Having iPad Issues? 
    Please follow these steps before entering your iPad support ticket.
    1. CLOSE ALL PROGRAMS (Apps & Games)
    2. CLOSE ALL TABS (usually see several open on Safari, please close all tabs)
    3. CLEAR COOKIES (see directions at bottom)
    4. HARD RESTART (see directions at bottom)  
    Need to clear your cookies?
    Go to "Settings"
    On the left side scroll down to click "Safari"
    "No, scroll on the right side until you see "Clear HIstory and Website Data"
    Click "Clear" to clear out your cookies.
    Need to hard reboot your iPad?
    Hold the "power buttonand the "home button" at the same time until the apple appears,
    then turn your iPad back on. 
    Please put in an iPad Support Ticket
    then send me an email with your ticket number and problem.