**Please call 469.713.5971 to set up an appointment**

    New Student Enrollment is now available online for the current and 2019-2020 school year. Please complete registration forms online here.

    Once forms are completed please call 469.713.5971 to schedule an appointment for parent/guardian to come in and complete the registration process.

    The following documents will be required:

    • Proof of Residency (water, gas, or electric bill in parent/guardian’s name)

    • Must be dated within 30 days
    • A lease is acceptible if dated within 30 days, with student listed as occupant. A utility bill will be required 30 days after move in.

    • Birth Certificate
    • Social Security Card of Student
    • Immunization records
    • Parent/Guardian ID (person enrolling student, must be valid government issued photo ID)
    • Final Report Card or Withdrawal Form (if during the school year)
    • Guardian/Custodial documents (if applicable)

    *Please refer to the attendance page in the LISD Student Handbook for complete rules and guidelines*


    • The school requests notice from the parent at least three days in advance so that records and documents may be prepared.
    • On the student’s last day, the withdrawal form will be presented to each teacher for current grade averages and book/equipment clearance; to the librarian to ensure a clear library record; to the clinic for health records; to the counselor for the last report card and course clearance; and finally, to the principal.



    Helpful Tips:


    Reporting Absence

    • Parents may call the attendance office at 972.350.2508 to report an absence. **A call does not excuse an absence. A note is required.** 
    • Students must bring a signed note on return to school. Please include student’s first and last name, grade and reason for absence on the note.
    • All absences will remain unexcused if absent note is not turned in within 3 school days.
    • Only 8 parent notes are accepted per school year, with a maximum of 6 per semester.

    Pre-Planned Absence

    Homework Request

    • Once a student has been absent for 3 consecutive days, the parent may request assignments starting the 4th day missed by 9 AM for pickup after 4 PM. 
    • The parent should call the front office and speak with an office staff member. Leaving a voice mail will not always guarantee homework will be ready for pick up at 4 PM.
    • Parents/Students should always check their teacher’s school webpage for homework

    Tardy to school

    • Students must report to the front office when they arrive to school late to receive a pass to class. 
    • Only one parent note per semester will be accepted from the parent on late arrivals for emergency situations.
    • The note must be received by the next school morning before school to the student’s assistant principal.

    Perfect Attendance

    • A perfect attendance award can only be earned if a student is present every period of every day with zero unexcused late arrivals to school.


    Please feel free to contact us with any questions

    Front Office - 469.713.5971

    Laurel Treadway – TreadwayL@lisd.net  

    • Report student absences by VM @ 972-350-2508 or Email treadwayl@lisd.net
    • Residency Questions. All address changes must be submitted to Laurel Treadway along with a valid proof of residency. See below:
      • Current Gas/Water/Electric letter of service with name, service address and date 
      • Current Gas bill
      • Current Water bill
      • Curent Electric bill
    • Skyward Questions
    • Update Skyward Profile Information (must be submitted in writing)
    • Attendance questions
    • Bus Rider Information 
    • Record Requests (must be submitted in writing)


    Fax #: 972-350-9520