Hello ACMS Students & Families,

    The 7th & 8th Grade Yearbook Staff has been hard at work as they are charged with the honor of creating a yearbook that reflects the beautiful diversity of all that is ACMS. This honor and responsibility has been taken on and continues to be met with great effort!



    • 8th Grade Dedication/Ads available for purchase through January 31th (Monday).

    • External P.E. & Tennis Students /Families – use the IMAGE SHARE App (new this year) to submit three photos for consideration to appear in the yearbook through January 31th (Monday).

    • Name Stamping & Icons – available to personalize your yearbook through March 4th.

    • The ACMS Yearbook is available for purchase ONLY ONLINE, for $55, through May 10th.




    8th Grade Dedication Ads are available on Balfour’s website! Creating an 8th Grade Dedication Ad for your student is a beautiful way to celebrate their accomplishments and journey before entering high school. Deadline for purchase is Jan. 31 (Monday) & the ad must be completed & submitted by Feb. 5 (Saturday).

    1. Balfour makes creating an ad fun & easy. 1-800-BALFOUR (800-225-3687)
    2. 8th Grade Ad and yearbook CAN be purchased at separate times. 
    3. The ad must be purchased by Jan. 31, you do NOT need to complete the ad in one sitting.
    4. Within 24 hours of purchasing the ad, you will receive an email with all instructions and a link to create the dedication.
    5. Must be completed & submitted by Feb. 5.     
    6. Dedications can be personal ads or a group of ACMS 8th Graders (friend group, teammates, etc.…).
    7. Full Page - $165, ½ Page $100, & ¼ Page $65.
    8. Recommendation for creating a dedication ad, organize all the photos you possibly want to include. You can then narrow it down to the best images (lots of images is not always the best for a dedication).   



    Students/Families using the IMAGE SHARE App (new this year) can submit three photos per for consideration to appear in the yearbook through January 31th (Monday). Please include the student’s name, Grade, group name, description of the photo, and their activity.

    “IMAGE SHARE”- REQUIREMENTS AND DETAILS FOR UPLOADING TO THE ImageShare App – Please follow directions; this will increase your photo's opportunity to be featured. Because of space constraints, not all images may be included in the yearbook.

    UPLOADING TO "ImageShare"

    1. Download the "ImageShare" app, available for both Apple and Android users.
    2. Create an account.
    3. Enter project number: 209471
    4. Name ALL people in the photo.
    5. Event details must be included, the WHEN & WHAT of the photo. 


    Have a great 2021-2022 school year & thank you for supporting the ACMS Yearbook program! 

    ACMS 21-22 Yearbook Staff 

    & Jessica Wasiak-Burns (ACMS Yearbook Adviser)


    Balfour Call Center ~ 1-800-BALFOUR (800-225-3687)


    How to Name Stamp the Cover:

    1. Once you have clicked on the Arbor Creek Middle School Yearbook symbol, you will enter your student's name and Grade. Next on the right side of the page is a dropdown menu for your student's "Eagle Time" teacher (homeroom teacher).   

    2. Directly below that, you will see “Name Stamp Line 1” click on that, and then a picture of ‘the corner of a yearbook’ will drop down.

    3. Click on ‘the corner of a yearbook’ picture, and then another dropdown will appear that will allow you to type in a name.

    Stamp Line  


     How to stamp an Activity Icon:

    1. Just below the name stamping options is the option to stamp Activity Icons.

    2. Click on the “Activity Icon.”

    3. Then click on “Icons” in a white square and scroll down through the option to choose icons.

    4. Below is a picture of the process and the stamped activity icons options.

     Icon Line

    YB Icons