Student Council

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    Who: 4th & 5th grade students

    Student Council is an organization of students who are serious about leadership, citizenship, academics, responsibility, school spirit, and teamwork. They understand that they are now  the student leaders on our campus and will therefore, have become role models for the other students. This is a responsibility that they will take seriously throughout the year.

    Student Council Pledge

    As a member of Donald Elementary Student Council,

    I promise to always be enthusiastic and to have a can do attitude about all the activities that I undertake as a Council member.

    I promise to help create a team spirit within the school.

    I will always be ready to do any job that is required of me no matter how great or small the job may be.

    I will make certain the job is completed on time and that it is done well.

    I will respect everyone’s ideas.

    I understand that it is a privilege to be on Donald Student Council and I will take this responsibility seriously.





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