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    KKIDS News

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    The KKIDS News team is made of 4th and 5th graders that audition for the job.  They deliver the morning news everyday.  They lead us in the pledges, moment of silence, and vision statement.  Each newscast is run by a student Producer/Cameraman.  On camera are two Co-Anchors, a Weather Reporter, Sports Reporter, Healthy Tip of the Day, Weekly Report and Special Reports.  Announcements are taped each morning before school and is viewed by the classrooms.  


    If you have any questions contact Mrs. Emmett


    Did you know you can be featured on the Morning News the week of your birthday?  Come to the Recording Studio (Room 313 in the 4th Grade hall) on Wednesday morning by 7:20 to be filmed for Thursday's Birthday Announcements!  Have your Mom or Dad email us to let us know you're coming.  

    Mrs. Emmett at emmettm@lisdnet       

    Mrs. Ianni at iannit@lisd.net