Technology Applications 1

    In Technology Applications 1 you learn to be an outstanding Digital Citizen, an effective Digital Communicator, and an amazing Digital Curator and Digital Creator.

     Students will:

    • use their creativity and innovative skills to generate new ideas and create products through the use of a variety of avenues such as Microsoft Word/Google Docs, Excel/Google Sheets, PowerPoint/Google Slides, Forms, videos and more .
    • learn how to identify real world problems and through the use of technology investigate and manage the information.
    • be able to identify the technology skills they need to acquire to be successful in High School and College.
    • know what it takes to protect their digital footprint when publishing any type of digital media online.
    • know what it takes to create a computer and what to look for when they venture out to buy their own. 

    Technology Applications 1 will take you through a journey that will increase your knowledge about safe practices, what makes up a computer, and innovative and creative ways to display and produce the best quality of work in an environment that invites exploration and risk taking!  



    In Robotics you learn to create and program a Robot through the study of the Engineering Design Process.

    Students will:

    • understand the role and impact of robots in the 21st Century and beyond.
    • demonstrate historical knowledge as it pertains to the development of robots that lead us to where we are today.
    • use their creativity and innovative skills to create and program a robot to that can demonstrate real world scenarios based on their environment including:
      • Driving in a straight line
      • Making turns
      • Crash detection
      • Crash avoidance
      • Picking up and moving objects
      • Producing sounds
    • be able to explain the Engineering Process as it relates to robotics.

    Robotics will take you through a journey that will allow you to explore how to build a robot that can function in business and society. Students will leave robotics with a deep understanding of the Engineering Design Process and how it pertains to various Careers in the STEM industry.


    Gaming and Animation

    In Gaming and Animation students learn how and why games are integral to the human experience, to modify existing games to improve game play based on target audience, to create compelling animations, and create an innovative and engaging digital game for their peers to play.

    Students will:

    • be able to explain how games are classified.
    • identify different elements of game design.
    • understand the history of gaming and how the historical games impacted gaming today.
    • understand how computers think and how code makes things happen.
    • be able to make elements of analog or digital game that interact with each other.
    • create animations that will be used in a game they create.

    Gaming and Animation will take you through a journey that will increase your knowledge about the interactivity of game play and how gaming can be an effective tool not only for enjoyment, but also fitness, social interaction, and learning.


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