• 2017-2018 New Student Enrollment

    **Please call 469.713.5971 to set up an appointment**

    New Student Enrollment is now available online for the 2017-2018 school year. Please complete online registration forms online here

    Once forms are completed an appointment will be made for parents/guardian to come in and complete registration process.

    The following documents will be required:

    • Proof of Residency (water, gas, or electric bill in parent/guardian’s name)
    • Birth Certificate
    • Social Security Card
    • Immunization records
    • Parent/Guardian ID
    • Current grades

    *Please refer to the attendance page (page 17) in the LISD Student Handbook for complete rules and guidelines*



    Helpful Tips:


    Reporting Absence

    • Parents may call the attendance office at 972.350.2508 to report absence. 
    • Students must bring signed note on return to school. Please include student’s first and last name, grade and reason for absence in note.
    • Only 5 "ill per parent" notes are accepted per school year.
    • All absences will remain unexcused if absent note is not turned in within 3 school days.
    • Pre-Planned Absence Form

    Homework Request

    • Once a student has been absent for 3 consecutive days, the parent may request assignments starting the 4th day missed by 9 AM for pickup by 4 PM. 
    • The parent should call the front office and speak with an office staff member. Leaving a voice mail will not always guarantee homework will be ready for pick up by 4 PM.
    • Parents/Students can always check their teacher’s school webpage for homework

    Tardy to school

    • Students must report to the front office when they arrive to school late to receive their detention and a pass to class. 
    • One parent note per semester can be provided by the parent on late arrivals for emergency situations to remove the detention. 
    • The note must be received by the next school morning before school to the student’s assistant principal.


    • The school requests notice from the parent at least three days in advance so that records and documents may be prepared.
    • On the student’s last day, the withdrawal form will be presented to each teacher for current grade averages and book and equipment clearance; to the librarian to ensure a clear library record; to the clinic for health records; to the counselor for the last report card and course clearance; and finally, to the principal.

    New Student Registration Information

    You must have the following to enroll a student:

    1. Copy of birth certificate
      2. Current report card
      3. Proof of residency: With name of parent or guardian (Current gas, water or electric bill only)
      4. Withdrawal Form (during school year)
      5. Copy of social security card
      6. Immunization record
      7. Parent or Guardian must have valid photo ID, Drivers License or Passport

    Please feel free to contact us with any questions

    Laural Treadway – TreadwayL@lisd.net  

    • Report student absences by VM @ 972-350-2508 or Email
    • Residency Questions
    • Skyward Questions
    • Update Skyward Profile Information

    Tiffany Buscemi – BuscemiT@lisd.net

    • Attendance questions
    • Bus Rider Information 
    • Record Requests
    • Report student absences by VM @ 972-350-2508 or Email


    Fax #: 972-350-9520