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  • Upcoming Dates:

    Feb. 12-21: Course Selection Week at Hebron High School!

    Feb. 22-April 9: Student Meetings to adjust course selections

    April 13 & 21: Dual Credit Overview and Registration Meetings

    April 20: Dual Credit Registration Opens for Collin College

    On-Hold, Pending Potential Plans from the District for fall:  May ??: Course Request Review & Adjustment Window

    Quick Guide--Course Request Entry in Family Acces

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  • Hebron's Schedule Change Policy - 2021-2022

    Schedule changes will be considered during the first 3 days of class IF there is an error in the schedule.  Errors many include: two classes the same period, class scheduled that was passed in summer school, credi already received in a class, failure, etc.

    Schedules may also be changed for program/placement issues.  Examples include: ROTC, placement in an audition course, adding/dropping a sport, etc.

    Discretionary elective changes will be limited.  If you chose the elective, or if it was a listed alternate, then it cannot be changed.

    THe procedure for requesting a change from AP to Honors or Honors to a Regular class is as follows:

    ***A change may be made at the 9-weeks only.

    ***Changes at the 9-weeks will only be considered if the student's academic history indicates a need for the change.