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    My oldest son is in his fourth year with the NJROTC program. He has learned to be extremely self-reliant and has gained extraordinary leadership skills. He loves the program so much he convinced his younger brother, now a freshman, to join the program and it has become his favorite elective. My middle school aged daughter comes with me to many NJROTC events and often brings friends and they are all excited to participate in the program together as well in a couple years. Commander and Chief are great teachers - I love the way they hold the cadets accountable for their actions which allows the cadets to grow into responsible students. I am thrilled that the place that my boys have chosen to spend their extracurricular time encourages first and foremost a healthy mind and body. The skills they are learning in the program will stay with them forever.”

    Rachel Fite


    I highly recommend the ROTC program at Hebron HS. My daughter joined as a freshman and quickly became involved. It’s taught her responsibility, leadership skills, pride for the American flag and respect. She’s made friends and the program is more like a welcoming family. She enthusiastically, volunteers within the program and we’ve seen her set goals and achieve them! She enjoys running the flags at the football games, the drill meets, marching and most importantly the friendships she’s created. Chief Cacy and Commander Morales have brought out a side of her that has given her confidence and maturity. They’re encouraging and she has a much clearer vision of her opportunities and future plans. 

    Marino & Delores Rodriguez 



    My son Jared Silvas has a physical disability, and has been a part of the special ed program since he was at Hicks Elementary, Arbor Creek Middle School and now a graduating senior at Hebron.  I could sit here all day and recognize all the special people that made Jared's school journey a success, but we would indeed be here all day. 

      I cannot put into words the feeling Sherrie and I have for Chief Cacy, and Commander Morales as well as for Commander Jeff Williams who moved to Red Oak. Ever since Jared got to high school, he desperately wanted to be a part of something for the school.  His friends were on sports teams, clubs etc.  In his junior year, Commander Williams and Chief Cacy convinced my wife to let him be a part of the NJROTC program.  Chief Cacy nicknamed him "The Admiral" and the rest is history.  Commander Williams and Chief Cacy let Jared present the colors during a football game at Hebron Stadium, and always made him a part of any function they had, from Military Balls, to drill meets etc. 

    This year during the annual military inspection, Chief made sure Jared was "up front" because he said kids like Jared often get put in the back.  When Commander Williams moved and Commander Ed Morales took command, we were nervous.  It was just fear of the unknown, but he quickly picked up where Commander Williams left off, and along with Chief Cacy, continued to make sure Jared was an integral part of this unit.  Oh, and it wouldn't be right if I didn't mention the special young men and women that make up the Hebron NJROTC program.  They are wonderful, accepting kids, but that's a big testament to the culture and leadership set by Commander and Chief. 

    During the NJROTC Awards and changing of command ceremony, Jared was given the Outstanding Cadet Award and was referred to as the "heart of the unit", who is always smiling and doing whatever he can.  Again, I simply cannot put into words what this meant for Jared and the rest of our family.  We are forever grateful for the Hebron NJROTC program and especially Chief Cacy, Commander Morales and Commander Williams. 


    Jeremy and Sherrie Silvas


    NJROTC is a Navy sponsored program that focuses on academics, citizenship, teamwork, and leadership.  This program also gives students opportunities to compete.  On a voluntary basis, students can learn competition drill, learn how to carry our nation's colors (color guard), compete in marksmanship, and compete on academic and physical fitness teams.  JROTC has the following overarching objectives:

    1. Promote patriotism
    2. Develop informed and responsible citizens
    3. Promote habits of orderliness and precision and develop respect for authority
    4. Develop an appreciation for honor, self-reliance, discipline, teamwork and leadership skills
    5. Promote an understanding of the basic elements of national security
    6. Develop an understanding of the need for constituted authority in a democratic society