• The Talon staff is committed to capturing the individuals, their stories and culture, all activities, and school trends of Hebron High School and Hebron 9th campuses without bias. This yearbook is created for the students and by the students. The Talon staff will work diligently to ensure all 370+ pages cover at least all 3,000+ students throughout all the fall and spring semesters. 


    Important Deadlines:

    Week of May 10 or May 13: Yearbook Distribution Room 1200 *dependent on when our publisher delivers the books*

    APRIL 26: Last day to buy yearbooks ONLINE

    Dec. 15: Senior Ad Purchase and Submission Deadline

    Oct. 22: Senior Portrait POSE Select Deadline

    Oct. 10: Underclassmen Portrait Retakes and Deadline

    Sept. 30: Senior Portrait Deadline

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