Senior portraits are taken by Prestige Portraits. There will be on-campus dates, but seniors are able to schedule an appointment at a Prestige Studio at any time. The closest location is in Plano. 

    July 25-26: Prestige will be on campus during orientation to take senior portraits. 

    September 25-26: Senior Portrait Last call on campus. Prestige will be on campus to photograph any seniors who have not yet taken their portrait. Sign up for a portrait session on campus here: Senior Portrait Last Call

    September 30: Senior Portrait Deadline. Any photos taken after this date may not be included in the yearbook. Please ask Prestige or request for Ms. Cooper to see if the late portraits are able to still be sent to the school and included in the yearbook.

    October 22: Senior Portrait POSE select deadline. You will be sent proofs to select the tux/drape pose you would like to go in the yearbook.

    Please note that any photos taken in the library or by lifetouch will not be the seniors yearbook photo. Senior yearbook photos are strictly tux/drape portraits. 

    Please contact Ms. Cooper if you missed the deadline or have any questions. 



    Underclassmen portraits are taken by Lifetouch. These photos will be their yearbook photos as well as their ID photos.


    July 25-26: Lifetouch will be on campus during orientation to take yearbook/ID photos.

    August 17: Lifetouch will be on campus for picture retakes. Please attend if you missed orientation. 

    October 10: Lifetouch will be on campus for picture retakes. Please attend if you missed orientation or the August retakes. This is the last chance for underclassmen yearbook photos to be taken and included in the yearbook. 



    July 26: Lifetouch will be at Hebron 9 during Freshmen Orientation & Hawk Expo to take student ID and yearbook photos. 



    Any student name changes must be submitted via email or in writing to Ms. Cooper from the parent/guardian of the student. Names will be listed according to what is on the student’s record.