Dates subject to change. 



    Tuesday, Oct. 25th

    PSAT- all 10th & registered 11th

    Thursday , Oct. 27th

    SAT School Day- Seniors ONLY


    Tues., Dec. 6th

    STAAR EOC  US History & English 1

    Wed., Dec. 7th

    STAAR EOC  US History & English 1 Makeups

    Thurs., Dec. 8th

    STAAR EOC  English 2 & Alg 1

    Fri, Dec. 9th

    STAAR EOC  English 2 & Biology

    Mon, Dec 12th

    STAAR EOC Makeups- US History, Algebra 1, Biology


    Feb 20th- March 31st

    TELPAS & TELPAS Alt Window

    Monday February 20th- March 3rd

    TELPAS Online Testing Reading, Writing, Listening & Speaking


    December TBD

    TSI Testing-- Fall College Prep Math Students

    April TBD

    TSI Testing-- Dual Credit and Seniors

    May TBD

    TSI testing- Spring CPM students


    March 7th

    ACT School day for registered Juniors and Seniors


    March 27th- April 28th

    STAAR Alt 2 Window


    Tuesday, April 25th

    STAAR EOC English 2 and English 1

    Wednesday, April 26th

    STAAR EOC English 2 and Algebra 1

    Thursday, April 27th

    STAAR EOC US History and Biology

    Friday, April 28th

    STAAR EOC US History and English 1 & 2 Makeups

    Tuesday, May 2nd

    STAAR EOC Algebra 1

    Thursday, May 4th

    STAAR EOC Algebra 1, Biology, US History  Makeups


    Monday, May 1st

    8am: Government AP Exam

    12pm: Chemistry AP Exam

    Tuesday, May 2nd

    8am: Environmental Science AP Exam

    12pm: Psychology AP Exam

    Wednesday, May 3rd

    8am: English Literature and Composition AP Exam

    Thursday, May 4th

    8am: Macroeconomics Exam

    12pm: Statistics AP Exam

    Friday, May 5th

    8am: US History AP Exam

    12pm: Art History AP Exam

    12pm: Microeconomics

    2D Art & Design Portfolio deadline

    Monday, May 8th

    8am: Calculus AB & Calculus BC AP Exams

    Tuesday, May 9th

    8am: English Language and Composition AP Exam

    Wednesday, May 10th

    8am: Spanish AP Exam

    12pm: Biology AP Exam

    Thursday, May 11th

    8am: French Language and Culture AP Exam

    8am: World History: Modern AP Exam

    12pm: Physics 1- Algebra Based AP Exam

    Friday, May 12th

    8am: Music Theory AP Exam


    Summer Testing Window

    June 20th-30th


    STAAR EOC English 1


    STAAR EOC Algebra 1 & US History


    STAAR EOC Biology & English 2