• AP Testing Requests- Out of District Testers


    The Advanced Placement Program (AP) consists of 39 different college-level courses developed by the College Board. These courses allow students to engage in college-level coursework while still in high school. Each course culminates in a standardized assessment, or AP exam, which is administered on College Board designated days in May.


    Students enrolled at a campus in Lewisville Independent School District (LISD) are eligible to participate in AP testing at LISD campuses. Please contact your campus testing coordinator for more information on how to register for an AP exam.


    Students who are not enrolled at a LISD campus must complete and submit the 2023-2024 AP Testing Request form. The LISD Assessment Department will review the requests, determine eligibility, and request Proof of Residency documentation from individuals meeting the initial review’s eligibility requirements.  Due to limited resources, LISD is unable to assess students who are not enrolled in LISD and live outside of LISD boundaries. 


    Please contact the LISD Assessment Department at 972-350-0960 with questions.