• What is NJROTC?

    This is a Navy funded program designed to instill the values of honor, courage, and commitment through a syllabus focused on academics, teamwork, and the development of leadership skills.


    What does NJROTC stand for?

    Navy Junior Reserve Officers Training Corps.


    Do students incur any military obligation? 

    NJROTC is an educational program and an elective course.  Students do not incur any military obligation.


    What does the NJROTC teach?

    NJROTC teaches self-discipline, self-confidence, teamwork, and leadership skills to help young men and women successfully meet life's challenges.


    Do students get PE credit? YES!  Participation in this program gets you PE credit which is required to graduate.


    How will the NJROTC help me in the future?

    Credit for completing at least three years of this program can be a major asset for students who choose to enlist in any branch of the service and to those who plan to seek a nomination to a service academy.  


    How much does it cost to be a Cadet?

    Nothing.  NJROTC cadets are provided with uniforms, books, training aids, and other equipment at no cost.


    Do NJROTC students participate in extracurricular activities?

    NJROTC encourages participation on competition drill teams, color guard, academics, and physical fitness.  Students will also have opportunities to plan and participate in community service events, field trips, camp outs, tours, and attend school functions as a unit (football games, other athletic events, homecoming parades, and a military ball among other activities).