Dual Credit Registration Information


    This page will provide a clear set of steps for all students planning to take Dual Credit courses at HHS for the Summer 2021, Fall 2021, and Spring 2022 terms. The following link can also provide a helpful checklist (Collin College New Student Checklist) but the steps below are specific to HHS. If you have any questions or problems as you navigate this process, please contact Dr. Robinson, College & Career Counselor at HHS via email (jarobinson@collin.edu).


     1:  Attend or Watch 1 of the Dual Credit Presentations

     All students considering Dual Credit for the 2021-2022 school year must watch this presentation. The same meeting will be conducted on two different dates--April 13 and 21, 2021--to provide valuable information about the HHS Dual Credit program and the process through which students will need to go in order to register and pay for Dual Credit courses.

    Recordings of these two meetings will be posted below after they are completed…

    Link to view April 13 Dual Credit Meeting Password: 6zK5wPv4

    Link to view April 20th Dual Credit Meeting Password: DCMeeting2


    2:  Decide if you want to take Dual Credit classes


    3:  Apply to Collin College

     If you are a brand new Dual Credit student or if you did not take Dual Credit during the Fall 2020 or Spring 2021 term, you must complete the Collin College application.

     Link to Collin College Application: apply.collin.edu


    The following notes will help you navigate some of the application questions that can sometimes confuse Dual Credit students. Please refer to it as you complete the application.

     Link to Application Notes: Application Notes Help Page


    4:  Complete the Dual Credit Permission Form

     The permission form must be completed before registering and paying for each term during which you want to take Dual Credit classes. The form should be filled out electronically and saved to your computer to submit in the Google Form provided further down this list.

     Link to Dual Credit Permission Form: Dual Credit Permission Form Fall 2021


    5:  Complete the following Google Form

     All students planning to take Dual Credit class during the Summer 2021, Fall 2021 and Spring 2022 term must complete this Google Form. This form is also where you will submit your completed Dual Credit Permission Form.

     Link to HHS Dual Credit Registration Form: HHS Dual Credit Registration Google Form for 2021-2022


    6:  Clear remaining holds in Collin College Cougar Web account

    With 3-5 business days of submitting your Collin College account, you should get an email from “admission” giving you access to your Cougar Web account for Collin College. You should check the “holds” or items in your account that are preventing you from being able to register and pay for courses. If you have holds, please use the guide below for instructions on how to clear common holds. If you have any additional questions about clearing holds, please contact the HHS College and Career Counselor, Dr. Robinson at jarobinson@collin.edu

     Link to Collin College Hold Information & Resolution Guide: Collin College Hold Information & Resolution Guide


    7:  Register and Pay for Dual Credit courses through Cougar Web

     Once holds are removed, students must register and pay for Fall 2021 Dual Credit courses by May 21, 2021 (this is also the last day of school).

    Below is the link to the Universal Course Registration Numbers (CRN) for HHS Fall 2021.  Please use this information to select the courses for which you would like to register an pay in your Cougar Web account: Hebron Fall CRNs

    Students who do not complete registration and payment by this date will not be able to take Dual Credit courses during the Fall 2021 term. Please see the notes on page 2 of the following checklist for instructions on how to register and pay. Payment plans may be established with Collin College if necessary. Once your HHS School Counselor verifies that you have registered and paid Collin College, they will adjust your course requests to include your Dual Credit courses.

    Link for Collin College New Student Checklist: Collin College New Student Checklist

    Other Collin College Links: