Phone: 972-350-4243


Degrees and Certifications:

Bachelor's in Social Work

Vaniang H. Sung

Hello, I am Sung! I am very happy and excited to join Parkway family as Communities in Schools site coordinator. I just graduated from Texas Woman’s University with bachelor's in social work in May 2021. furthermore, I will be starting my master program in the spring semester.

It is always my passion to be able to work with children. I love working with students and helping them grow academically, socially, and emotionally as much as I can. 

I am willing to help with anything that I can in any ways. Please do not hesitate to contact me at 972-350-4243 or I am so excited to work with everyone!
Hello, Keimah cu Sung(iangiang) ka si! Parkway chungkhar pawl he rian ttuan tti khawhnak caan ttha ka hmuh caah kalawm tuk. Keimah cu Communities in Schools site coordinator ka si lai. 2021 May ah khan bachelor's in social work in sianginn ka dih. Spring semester a thawk in Master peh tthan ding ka tim.
Siahngakchia pawl sin ah rianttuan khawh ding hi kalung thlitum a si i, ka duh peng mi zong a si fawn. Ca cawnnak lei ah siseh, hawkomh thiamnak lei ah siseh, a dammi thinlung cawlcanghnak/khuaruah nak lei ah siseh, ka si khawh chung in bawmh khawh ka zuam hna lai.
A ho ca poh ah a herh ning in kan bawmh khawh mi hna a um a si ah cun lunglawm tein kan bawmh hna lai. 972-350-4243 le ah pehtlaih khawh ka si. Kalawm.