College Representatives/Avdisors come to MHS to host small group college visits. Students can sign up in the Counseling office (D103) or scan QR codes posted around campus to be invited to college visit. (click here sign up)  All college visits are from 11:00am - 11:45am. Students will receive pass to be excused from class the day of the visit. Students are responsible for the work they missed in class.


    Oct. 7th - University of Mississippi

    Oct. 12th - Oklahoma State University

    Oct. 14th - University of Tulsa

    Oct. 18th - University of Alabama

    Oct. 19th - Stephen F. Austin State University

    Oct. 21st - Purdue University

    Oct. 25th - University of Pittsburgh

    Oct. 26th - Oklahoma Cityy University

    Oct. 28th - University of Houston

    Nov. 1st - University of Arkansas

    Nov. 2nd - Kansas State University

    Nov. 8th - Louisiana Tech University

    Nov. 9th - University of North Texas

    Nov. 15th - Texas State University

    Nov. 16th - Louisiana State University

    Nov. 18th - University of Texas

    Dec. 6th - Lamar University

    Dec. 9th - U.S. Naval Academy

    Jan. 11th - University of Missouri

    Jan. 18th - Texas A&M Corpus Christi

    Jan. 20th - University of Central Arkansas

    Jan. 31st - Texas Tech University

    March 3rd - L Makeup Institute - Southlake