• Here at Marcus High School, we have college representatives that would love to meet with our students and tell them about their school. Our College Visits are held during the school day between 1st and 2nd period (9:30 am - 10:15am). Students are welcome to come to the counseling office (D103) to sign up for college(s) their interested in hearing from. A pass will be sent to students the day of college visit for permission to leave class.

    Please check back regularly as more college visits are being added to the calendar!


    August 26th: Louisiana Tech University

    August 27th: Auburn University

    August 28th: Valparaiso University

    September 3rd: Lamar University

    September 9th: West Virginia University

    September 10th: University of Pittsburgh

    September 11th: University of Arkansas

    September 13th: University of Texas at Tyler

    September 16th: College of Charleston

    September 16th: Ohio State University

    September 17th: Texas A&M University

    September 18th: University of Michigan

    September 20th: University of Louisville

    September 23rd: U.S. Marine Corps

    September 24th: Stephen F. Austin University

    September 25th: University of Arizona

    September 27th: Baylor University

    September 30th: University of Georgia

    October 1st: University of Iowa

    October 2nd: University of Alabama

    October 3rd: Cal Poly San Luis Obispo

    October 4th: Purdue University

    October 7th: Duke University

    October 8th: University of Kansas

    October 9th: Austin College

    October 15th: University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign

    October 16th: DePaul University

    October 21st: Colorado State University

    October 22nd: U.S. Air Force

    October 23rd: University of Nebraska- Lincoln

    October 25th: University of Chicago

    October 28th: Texas State University

    October 29th: Drake University

    November 1st: University of Tulsa

    November 4th: University of Missouri-Columbia

    November 5th: University of Mississippi

    November 6th: Texas A&M University – Corpus Christi

    November 18th: Texas Tech University

     December 11th: Midwestern State University


    College Visits outside of school:

    September 9th: NorTex College Fair @ Golden Triangle Mall in Denton from 6pm - 8pm.