• 2019 MHS Administration

  • 2019 MHS AP Jennifer Hawes

    Assistant Principal of Professional Learning & Special Education:
    Jennifer Hawes

    Students: Smith-Z

    Phone: 469-948-7015

    Email: hawesj@lisd.net

  • 2019 MHS AP Kyle Smith

    Assistant Principal of Social & Emotional Learning:
    Kyle Smith

    Students: Gic-La

    Phone: 469-948-7014

    Email: smithka@lisd.net


  • 2019 MHS AP Jason Mullin

    Assistant Principal of Facilities & Operations: Jason Mullin

    Students: Lb-Oj

    Phone: 469-948-7013

    Email: mullinj@lisd.net

  • 2019 MHS AP Dorrie Loughborough

    Associate Principal of Advanced Academics: Dorrie Loughborough

    Students: Ok-Smis

    Phone: 469-948-7017

    Email: loughboroughd@lisd.net

  • 2019 MHS AP Rusty Hamric

    Assistant Principal of Athletics & Community Engagement: Rusty Hamric

    Students: A-Ca

    Phone: 469-948-7016

    Email: hamricr@lisd.net


  • 2019 MHS AP Aaron Harrell

    Assistant Principal of Curriculum, Instruction & Digital Learning:
    Aaron Harrell

    Students: Cb-Gib

    Phone: 469-948-7011

    Email: harrella@lisd.net