Financial Aid & Scholarship Opportunities

  • Students and families needing and/or wanting financial support for college and university attendance are encouraged to follow the following steps to maximize their opportunity and access to funds.

    1. Submit College Applications: Where a student eventually attends college will likely be one fo the largest sources of their financial aid. Therefore, we encourage students to complete and submit these applications first. Many colleges will also use a student's application for admission as an application to the general scholarships at that university. Please check to see if that is the process at each university to which you apply. If a university requires a separate application to the general scholarship offerings, we strongly encourage you to complete and submit that.
    2. Complete and Submit the FAFSA: The Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) is a government document that must be completed and submitted to a school in order for a student to be considered for need-based financial aid. The State of Texas requires that all senior students either complete the FAFSA or complete an opt-out form in Skyward. The HHS Counseling Department encourages every student to complete and submit the FAFSA to all schools to which a student applies. The FAFSA is available for students to complete along with their families beginning in December of the senior year. Stay tuned for events at HHS that support students and parents in completing their FAFSA. The FAFSA web page may be found here:
    3. Complete Individual Scholarships: Scholarship opportunities from individual programs, companies, and organizations will emerge throughout the senior year of high school. Students simply need to be aware of opportunities and be tuned in to information sources to find scholarships for which they could be candidates. Below are a few opportunities/ways to help find individual scholarships.
      1. Lewisville Education Foundation (LEF) Scholarships: These scholarships are available only to LISD students. Some scholarships are only available to HHS students. This is one application to complete for consideration for many scholarships. All seniors are encouraged to complete this application. The application window to apply is typically from November-December of the senior year. See the following link for information about the scholarship application:
      2. Fastweb: There are many websites like Fastweb but it is considered the gold-standard. Fastweb is a free program that allows students to create a profile and receive scholarship opportunities that they could be eligible for. For full details, visit
      3. Raise.Me: This web site allows the user to apply for "microscholarships" from select universities. Scholarships are based upon accomplishments and criteria by the student. Students can check to see if a school of interest participates in this site and apply as needed. For full details, visit
      4. HHS Scholarship List: As the HHS Counseling Department receives information about scholarship opportunities, we will post them on the following page. This page will update as we receive information, so please review it regularly: HHS Scholarship List