All Squad photo 2023

    Statement of Purpose

    Being a TCHS Cheer program member is an honor and special privilege. Cheerleaders and spirit groups exist to promote good sportsmanship, good citizenship, wholesome enthusiastic school spirit and are first and foremost representatives of the school. Cheerleaders should exemplify both individual and group behavior suitable to their position and in accordance with the rules as stated in the LISD Code of Conduct. Members of these groups have a fundamental responsibility to play a leadership role in building teamwork and helping the school achieve its goals and objectives. Because of these responsibilities, members of the cheerleading squad will be expected to maintain higher standards of behavior and academic achievement both on and off campus than that of their peers. Cheerleaders are expected to be physically and mentally skilled in learning and remembering cheers/routines. They are also expected to be able to publicly demonstrate a skill level suitable for the team position and the timing necessary for group performance. Off the field, they are to enthusiastically support all athletic teams through advertisement, personal attitude and attendance at events chosen by the coach and approved by the principal. 


    Selection and Tryouts

    The Cheerleaders are selected by the TCHS Cheer Coaches in March and will have several days of evaluations. They will learn the required material and will be evaluated on jumps, spirit, voice, tumbling, motion/dance techniques, stunts, memory, crowd leading skills, participation and a team attitude. All candidates/parents must fill out the required forms to participate and will attend the parent meeting and evaluation clinics. See the tryout tab for more information. 


    Squad Dynamics

    TCHS will have a Varsity, JV and Freshmen cheer team provided that there are numbers to fill all teams. Varsity will consist of Junior and Senior females and Sophomore, Junior and Senior males. JV will consist of Sophomore males/females and any Junior not making the Varsity level team. Freshmen will consist of Freshmen males and females. The Coaches can combine/move up any team members at anytime based on the needs of the teams. 


    Cheering Activities

    Varsity cheers for all varsity football games, home district volleyball games and playoff games, home boys and girls district basketball games and playoffs, some home wrestling matches and some home baseball and softball games. JV will cheer home football games, home district volleyball games, home district girls and boys basketball games, some home softball games, playoff football games and will cover any varsity games that they have conflicts based on cheering for another sport. Freshmen cheer for home football games, home district volleyball games, home district boys and girls basketball games, playoff football games and may help JV cover any varsity games that varsity has conflicts based on cheering for another sport.