• We are excited about your interest in enrollment in Lewisville ISD. If your child attended any school in Lewisville ISD during the previous school year, please contact the campus registrar by email or phone for guidance on re-enrollment.

    If your child did not attend a school in LISD during the previous school year, please follow these steps to enroll:

    1. Complete the new student online enrollment forms using the directions at https://www.lisd.net/enroll.  Be sure to upload all available documents as directed during completion of these online forms (utility bill, parent ID, birth certificate, immunization records, withdrawal or other records from previous school, etc.). We understand all documents might not be available to you right now and it is okay if you need to submit the enrollment forms without including everything.
    2. Once your forms have been submitted, the campus registrar will contact you to complete the enrollment process.

    The registrar can assist you with any questions or support needs during this process. Please see the contact information below.

  • Araceli Quezada

    Araceli Quezada


    Phone: 469-948-2518


    Alpha (M-Z) and Spanish

  • Kelly Wood-Austin

    Kelly Wood-Austin


    Phone: 469-948-2549


    Alpha (A-L)

  • Welcome to The Colony High School!  

    During the school year:
    Please contact Ms. Quezada or Ms. Wood-Austin at 469-948-2518.  M-Th 8:00-10:00am.  Please have all required documents.
    *If you have not completed the online application and do not have all required documents, you will be asked to return* 
    For students that have previously attended LISD or for families that have current students attending and are enrolling a student new to LISD, please bring all items listed below when coming in to finalize enrollment. You will then be asked to complete the Back to School forms in Skyward. 

    All items below are required for registration
    1. Verification of residence:  A current Gas, Electricity or Water bill with the parents name.  If your residence is leased and you do not pay for utilities, then a copy of a lease will be approved IF the utilities are included in your monthly payment listed on lease documents.
    2. Students must be registered by their legal parent/guardian with whom the student resides.  Parent/Guardians must provide Photo ID.  If you are a Guardian who is not listed on the student's birth certificate, court documents or guardianship forms from LISD are required.
    3. Social Security Card
    4. Birth Certificate or Passport
    5. Immunization Records
    6. Unofficial Transcript from previous school
    7. Students transferring after school has begun must have a withdrawal slip from their previous school.
    8. Freshman students must provide a final 8th grade report card verifying promotion to the 9th grade.
    9. IF YOU ARE RESIDING WITH ANOTHER PERSON, the primary resident must go with you to LISD Student Services.  They must provide proof of residency (utility bill).  Student Services is located at 400 West Main St., Lewisville.  For additional information, please contact them at 469-713-5206.
    10. IF YOU ARE COMING FROM A FOREIGN COUNTRY, with the exception of Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and Western Europe, the student MUST have a current tuberculosis test before they are able to register.  This test must have been administered within the last 2-3 months. 

    Procedure to Withdraw From TCHS:
    1. Plan ahead for all withdrawals (notify the registrar in advance).
    2. Parent signature required on all withdrawals.
    3. All textbooks, library books, and school issued equipment/materials must be returned for clearance, including, but not limited to school ID cards, parking passes, athletic equipment, and items issued by a teacher that belong to the classroom.
    4. No withdrawals after 3 PM.

    Please contact Ms. Quezada or Ms. Wood-Austin at 469-948-2518. Please have all text books, library books, and any other school issued items returned by this time.  *iPads must be turned in at the time of withdrawal*