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  • Nurse's Corner

    Going to the nurse's office: 
    • Students should always notify their parents from the Health Room/Nurse Office if they are feeling ill and desire to go home. Failure to call from the Nurse’s Office will result in an unexcused absence. If your student texts you to request to go home, please instruct them to ask their teacher to come to the health room. 
    • For attendance purposes, students should always sign in and out through attendance when leaving or returning to school.
    Reasons the School Nurse will recommend a student to go home:
    • Temperature of 100 or flu like illness
    • Signs and symptoms of strep throat
    • Symptoms of Pink eye
    • Witnessed or continual vomiting
    Medication Policies:
    • Students may carry over the counter medications in their original container with a note from parent(s) or with the form below titled 'Permission to carry over the counter medications'.
    • Prescription medications must be brought to the nurse with a note from parents. All medications must be in the original container and prescribed for the student. Students may self carry most non-narcotic prescriptions once approved by the nurse. Any controlled substance, narcotic and some other medications will need to be kept in the health room and given by the nurse.
    • Asthma inhalers may be carried by students with the form 'Emergency Med Self Carry Agreement'. Please see attached forms below and call the health room with any questions. 
    • Student's with life threatening allergies should carry emergency medication while at school, and are encouraged to keep extra in the health room. Please notify the school nurse if your student has any prescribed emergency medication such as an Epipen and complete the Allergy Action Plan form below. 
    Carla Cook, RN
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