• The College Tour

    Ideas on how The College Tour can help:

    1. YouTube. Since most students are on YouTube, we created a College Tour YouTube channel to help. There are playlists now organized by State so they can easily tour colleges by the states they are interested in. Here is a link to our channel; we recommend subscribing so you can get up to date videos daily. 

    2. Screen episodes of the TV series during homeroom, during lunch, in the college readiness office, during college fairs, or at an assembly.

    -Each episode runs around 28 minutes long.

    -There are now over 130 episodes to choose from!

    -If you have a student who learns differently, have them watch the Landmark College episode.

    -If you have a student who are unsure of their path, have them watch one of many episodes we have on Community Colleges.

    -If you have a first-gen, Spanish-speaking student, have them watch our Spanish language episodes: ASUNJITKean UniversityCommunity College of Denver, or Maricopa Community Colleges.

    3. Encourage your student to take the free TCT self-guided-video-based class:

    -Here is a video from our Host, Alex, explaining the class.

    -Estimated time to complete - 45 minutes.

    -Here is a link to the class.

    *Please note at the end of the class, the students can add your email so you are able to get their answers.