• Gifted and Talented

    Parents & Students: 

    LISD G/T Homepage

    If you think your child might need to be referred for G/T testing, please review the information linked here: G/T Referral process

    If you would like to refer your child to be tested for G/T services, please use this link: https://docunavweb.lisd.net/Forms/RequestForGTTest to begin the referral process. 

    If you would like to see what G/T courses and services are offered at the secondary level, please click on the link: G/T Courses & Services

    If your child is currently a G/T student and you need information regarding transfers, furloughs, and exits, please click here: G/T Transfers, furloughs, and Exits

    Fall 2022 Secondary (Grades 6-11) G/T Referral and Testing Schedule:

    • Parent and Staff Referral Window Open: August 1- October 1
    • Teacher Observations of Referred Students: September 1-November 
    • G/T Test Administration on Campus: October 17-November 4
    • Campus Review Committee Meetings: November -16
    • District Review Committee Meeting: December 2
    • Results Delivered to Parents and Campus: December 6-9