English 1

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    In English 1, students expand their skills in writing and reading through an integrated study of reading, writing, speaking, and purposeful collaboration. Students, both independently and collaboratively, will engage in ongoing inquiry and research processes; analyze texts across genres through a variety of critical lenses; establish meaningful positions through formal and informal writing; and have frequent opportunities to engage with a variety of self-selected texts that build their critical thinking skills and personal enjoyment for reading. While instruction and content are delivered over the internet, students do have opportunities to meet with their instructor for personalized instruction using video conferencing and periodic face to face by appointment. Flexibility of the course allows for inside and outside the school day scheduling. If taken inside the school day, students have the option to schedule the course during their 1st, 3rd, or 4th periods. While there is flexibility in the time of day you work on your classes, they are NOT self-paced.

    This is a 1 credit course that is broken into to half-credit courses labeled A and B. You must complete both A and B sides of the course to receive the full credit.

    • Credits:A=0.5 | B=0.5
    • GPA Level:GPA Level 1
    • Subject:English
    • Grade:9
    • Prerequisite: None
Last Modified on February 19, 2021