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    In school you may hear a lot of acronyms and vocabulary that teachers say and you don't know what they mean.  Here are a few that I believe will help you understand a little bit better. Please don't hesitate to stop us and say "I'm sorry, can you explain that to me?"  We often have our own language, and it can be as confusing to us as you :)  About the time we have it down, a term changes!  Please let me know if there is a word you know of that I should include on this list.


    • DRA - Developmental Reading Assessment

    *DRA is the assessment we administer at the Beginning, Middle and End of the school year to see what reading level your child is on.


    • RTI - Response to Intervention

    *RTI meets as a committee regarding your child if we believe we need to collaborate on strategies to help the academic progress of your child move forward.


    • LLI Kit - Leveled Literacy Intervention Kit

    *The LLI Kit is a resource teachers use during our guided reading lessons, especially with struggling readers to teach them tools for decoding and fluency.


    • WTW - Words Their Way

    *WTW is our spelling program in LISD.  The spelling list your child receives correlates to how they score on the beginning of the year Spelling Inventory.  The goal is to meet students where they are and continue progress through word study.


    • LISDOLA - Lewisville Independent School District Outdoor Learning Area

    *We take a field trip to LISDOLA during the school year, but it is also open to the public on certain days and times.  Visit this link to find out more: LISDOLA

    • LD - Learning Disability

    *Or as we like to call it "learning difference". We try to identify any learning differences that can cause a child to be unsuccessful in school so that we can get them the help and accommodations they need to succeed.


    • MTA - Multi-sensory Teaching Approach

    *MTA is the program used in our district for working with students that have been tested and qualify for dyslexia interventions.


    • ARD - Admission, Review, and Dismissal

    *This is a name used for the committee that meets with parents to discuss the IEP (Individualized Education Plan) or BIP (Behavior Intervention Plan) for a child that qualifies for special education.


    There are many more acronyms in education that you might be interested to know, so go to these links to find out more!