• assessment

    • Istation - Students will participate in the istation online reading and math assessment at the beginning of each month. ISIP (istation's indicator of progress) measures your child's ability in all critical areas of reading.  Ability scores are used to show reading growth throughout the school year in the following areas: letter knowledge, phonemic awareness, alphabetic decoding, comprehension, vocabulary, and spelling.


    • DRA- Developmental Reading Assessment -This determines your child's reading level so we can use our reading group time to use texts on his/her instructional reading level.  We teach them tools for decoding, fluency, comprehension, vocabulary, and phonemic awareness.  You may hear us use an A-Z scale or a number scale when discussing your child's reading progress.  The attached chart will help you understand the levels at each grade level.

     In 1st grade we like for them to start on a D/4 or higher and end the school year on a J/18.  We have the largest ground to cover out of all grade levels!  Getting a good foundation for lifelong reading starts HERE.

    • Math Universal Screening- This is able to show us how well your child can figure out the missing part of a set of objects.


    • Spelling Inventory- This determines the spelling list your child will receive based on how they score.


    • Writing Samples - We look for the writing conventions such as use of punctuation, spacing, and capitalization.  As well as how well the writer stays on topic, uses inventive spelling and sight words, how well the sentences make sense and flow, and how they use illustrations.