• lunch


    Our campus has the Breakfast in Classroom (BIC) Program.  

    We serve breakfast is the classroom starting at 7:30am every morning.  It is free to all students.

    Lunch can be purchased in the cafeteria for students and adults.  You may send a check or cash with your child to school to pay for lunches, or you may pay online for a small fee.  You can visit the Child Nutrition Department webpage to pay online, see the breakfast and lunch menus, sign up for low balance notifications, etc…

    Students: $2.50

    Adults: $3.25

    There are also snacks and ice cream that can be purchased on Fridays ranging from $.75 - $1.50.  It is best to talk with your child and establish a plan, so they know how often they can purchase extra items.  If you put money on your child’s account, they can spend it on extra things on Friday.  Then you will be wondering why the money is running out so fast!