• dismissal

    School is dismissed each day at 3:00pm.  We have many places to which students are dismissed at the end of the day: 

    * Car riders (exit out the main entrance)

    * Bus Riders (students are put on the bus at 3pm)

    * Extended School Day Program (ESD)

    * Daycare (wait in the cafeteria for their transportation to arrive)

    *Walkers- Students will walk out of first grade doors and meet a parent.

    1st graders must be picked up by a parent or person that you approved on the beginning of the year enrollment forms or by an older sibling.  We cannot release a student to an unauthorized party or allow them to leave alone. If you need to change the way your child goes home, send in a written note.  Phone calls and e-mails may not be received in time and is more difficult to verify the person making the request. If you need to add a person to the approved pick up list, please visit the office or send a written request.