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    Architecture is multi-disciplinary profession that blends science and engineering with art and creative thinking. In Architectural Design, Advanced Architectural Design, and Practicum in Architectural Design, you get the opportunity to solve design problems by creating drawings, sketches, renderings, illustrations, and models using digital and traditional tools. This work is done both individually and in teams.  Course exercises and projects are combined with research in design techniques, technology, history, and current events for a comprehensive look at the world of architecture and design.  You can learn a variety of architectural software as well as traditional drafting and drawing techniques. You will be introduced to the possibilities of a career in architecture or one of the related allied arts.
    These project-based courses are open to students in grades 9-12 who have completed the required prerequisite courses and are held at the Career Center East campus.  You should be willing to sketch, draft, build models, work on the computer, make presentations, and provide constructive criticism and insight for your classmates. You will be working in both 2D space and 3D space, so you should be able to understand geometry and other basic math skills.  Coursework within the Architecture classes will make connections back to other subjects of study within school, so students should be prepared to cover literature, science, history, and other topics that relate to class projects.  Creative thinking and experimentation are also driving forces in this course. 

    Architectural Design
    Grades: 9-12 (2 credits)
    Recommendation: Middle School Art, Middle School Technology Applications, Art I
    For students already expressing a strong interest in architectural studies, Career Center East offers a 2 credit introductory course in lieu of the home campus Architectural Design course.  Students will begin with an exploration of architectural history through an investigation of residential design.  This investigation culminates with students completing a set of drawings for an architecturally significant house.  Students complete the semester by developing a residential design of their own creation. Students explore the use of traditional drawing, AutoCad drafting, Sketchup, and model construction to communicate and illustrate architectural ideas.
    Advanced Architectural Design
    Grades: 10-12 (2 credits)
    Prerequisite:Architectural Design
    Students will continue their investigation of residential design and construction in a series of independent projects emphasizing creative thinking and innovative design solutions. Projects will incorporate significant research from multiple subjects both within and outside architecture.  Each student will explore and develop their design solution through sketching, model construction, and presentation renderings.  Projects are developed with hand drafting as well as digital tools including Sketchup, and Autodesk Revit.  A study of sustainable or “green” design will be included throughout the semester.  Each project culminates with a presentation of student design solutions before a jury of architectural professionals.
    Practicum in Architectural Design
    Grades 11-12 (2 credits)
    Prerequisite: Advanced Architectural Design
    Practicum architecture students are given complex architectural projects from which to develop creative solutions for presentation to a jury of professionals for evaluation. Projects in the Practicum class focus on commercial or institutional buildings at much larger scales than previous classes.  Additional studies incorporated into coursework include advanced architectural theory, urban design, and advanced sustainability concepts.  Projects in this course emphasize independent research and development of individual student concepts for real-world problems.
    Practicum in Architectural Design II
    Grade: 12 (2 credits)
    Prerequisite: Practicum in Architectural Design, Instructor Approval
    The Practicum II course is the culmination of architectural study for LISD students. Students in this course establish their own architectural project to develop over the course of the semester.  Work in this class is independent with direction and input from the course instructor.  Students are responsible for establishing their own body of research and creating an in-depth, innovative solution in response to their established problem.  Semester studies culminate in public review and presentation of the work.  
    Career Prep I and II
    Grade: 12 and age 17+ (2 credits)
    Prerequisite: Practicum in Architectural Design, Instructor Approval
    Career Prep classes give architecture students opportunities to develop job-specific skills in a workplace environment.  To participate in the Career Prep program, students are required to have a job in an industry related field.  Work-based instruction is supplemented with school-based instruction emphasizing career selection, post-secondary preparation, and development of job-specific skills.