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  • Animation Squirrel

  • Do you have a passion for cartoons, animated movies, video games, or movie special effects? If so, maybe you should enroll in Animation. In Animation, you get the opportunity to explore both 2D hand- drawn animation and 3D polygon-based animation. You will learn the 12 principles of animation, and begin pieces of animation that can be used for a professional portfolio.

    The course is open to students in grades 10-12 and is offered at Career Center East. There are no required courses you must take prior to enrolling in Animation. You will be asked to daily draw to improve drawing skills, so you should be willing to draw. You will also be working in 3D space, so you should be able to understand simple geometry.

    The Animation Lab is equipped with the latest hardware and software. For students focused on becoming animation majors in college, a second year (Advanced Animation) and third year (Practicum in Animation) are available. The animation class provides skills not only for animation and gaming, but also for emerging industries. Perhaps you would like to prepare for a career in interactive web design, medical animation, and 3D visualization. NASA, the FBI, the military, advertising agencies, architects, and lawyers all use animation visualizations.