Video Game Design/Game Programming

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  • Video Game Design

    This class is not just an introduction to how video games are developed, but it is a venture into more complex thinking patterns, an exercise in planning, organization, problem solving, and an increased sense of responsibility for your work. You will be guided through a beginning project with new software from the “I Support Learning” company and it is aptly called “Video Game Design”. You will be put in the imaginary situation of being an intern in a company that has been given the contract for developing a game that advertises a new soft drink product called CarbonAde. There will be many tasks for you to complete on a time schedule, just like a REAL job would be, and in the end you will have taken an existing shell of a game and modified it to your own design. It will be challenging and fun at the same time.

    Game Programming and Design

    Game Programming is an introductory course to video game programming, level design, and video game art. Students will learn the principles and practice of modeling in polygons, applying textures and materials to those models, and rendering them with appropriate lighting. The models, characters, and images created will be optimized for game engines. Students will also add game audio sound effects and music as well as implement game sound mechanics, including playing, pausing, and looping. This course provides a solid foundation in the essentials of game design and the process of creating game assets.