• In Graphic Design and Illustration, students will learn about a career in the many kinds of media and graphic design and illustration jobs including photographer, videographer, animator and advertiser. Students will cover digital photography, image editing and drawing programs. Students will also begin work on a high quality portfolio for college or design school. For students interested in continuing their Graphic Design and Illustration careers, Graphic Design and Illustration II and Practicum in Graphic Design and Illustration are also available.

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    Course Description

    In Graphic Design & Illustration students learn how to effectively communicate using visual art and design. Every aspect of the course is carefully planned to prepare serious young designers to pursue any form of graphic design and illustration in college or as a profession. The cornerstones of this course are professionalism, intention, and risk-taking.

    Graphic Design students work independently and in creative teams in order to solve problems, visually communicate messages, and expand their skills into a digital medium. All students learn concepts such as color theory, typography, and the principles of design. Students then use this knowledge to solve real-world problems for actual businesses and organizations.

    In order to be successful in this industry, designers must be able to succinctly communicate their ideas and connect with their audience. At the end of major projects, designers present their ideas to the client. You will learn how to craft professional pitches and create a compelling visual presentation.

    In year one, students learn Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop. In year two, students add Adobe InDesign to their resumes. At TECC-East, we focus on learning how to use this software for intentional, professional purposes.

    How is this course different from regular art classes on my home campus?

    This class focuses on the professional side of art and design. We work with clients to solve real-world problems for actual businesses and organziations.   We are the “perfect partner” to our district art programs. We teach you how to take the principles learned in traditional art programs and incorporate business aspects to create an exciting creative career.

    Is drawing involved in this class?

    While previous illustration experience is a clear benefit, the use of professional software allows a person without strong drawing skills to learn to create compelling visual imagery. However, students will be expected to complete drawing assignments to improve their technique and keep a sketchbook.

    What careers are available to Graphic Design and Illustration students?

    Graphic Design is incredibly versitile, and nearly every major industry has a need for designers. This course will prepare students for careers in advertising, design, photography and emerging media.  Students can also combine graphic design with other other areas of study to pursue specialized careers such as architectural renderings, scientific illustration, litigation graphics, aerospace design and character illustration.