• Preliminary SAT (PSAT)
    PSAT/NMSQT (Preliminary SAT/National Merit Scholarship Qualifying Test) is a standardized test that measures developed verbal, mathematical, and writing reasoning abilities important for college success.
    The test is only offered in October (no make-up sessions) and LISD pays for all sophomores to take the test. Although Juniors must pay to take the exam, we strongly encourage them to sign-up for the test.
    All students who take the test will receive an access code for My College QuickStart when they pickup their results. This site gives a personalized online PSAT report, personalized SAT study plan, and an interactive college, major, and career search.
    College Entrance Exams
    SAT and ACT are standardized college entrance exams required by all 4 year schools. Students’ scores are used by college admission offices to determine if they are ready to handle the course work at their university. Students should be preparing to take these exams during the spring of their Junior Year.
    SAT II tests are required at many competitive colleges. Check with the individual admissions office at the colleges to see if SAT II tests are required or admittance. The subject tests measure knowledge and skills in a particular subject.
    THEA (The Texas Higher Education Assessment) is required if you are enrolling as a student in a Texas public community, technical college, or university. You must take the THEA before you enroll in college courses unless you are exempt.
    Tests for College Credit
    AP (Advanced Placement) tests are administered at Hebron each spring. The exams are scored on a five-point scale with five being the highest. A score of 3 or higher may be used as a DAP measure. CLEP (College Level Examination Programs) provides another opportunity for students to earn college credit for what they have already learned. Students can sign-up for CLEP exams at most universities and college testing centers.
    Test Preparation
    The following links and resources will provide you information about preparing for the SAT and ACT.
    www.number2.com - Free test prep for the ACT or SAT
    SAT Practice Test and ACT Practice Test.   - Free online SAT/ACT prep program
    www.freevocabulary.com/ - 5000 SAT words to be studied
    www.testprepreview.com - Free ACT/SAT online tests to help prepare for testing day
    www.testprep.com - Test prep computer software programs
    http://www.thea.nesinc.com/TA_viewSG_opener.asp - Texas Higher Education Assessment test prep
    www.ivyinsiders.com - Ivyinsiders