• Liberty Elementary School


    School Mascot



    School Colors

    Navy and Gold



    Liberty Eagles will soar ever higher!


    Vision Statement

    “Creating Learners for Life”


    Mission Statement

    Liberty Elementary School is dedicated to establishing a learning environment that is safe, motivating, and challenging. We believe everyone can reach their full potential by developing life-long skills of respect, leadership, responsibility, and cooperation. High expectations will be maintained as we move forward with pride in our accomplishments and a strong desire to excel. We will come together to set new goals that will assist the students of Liberty Elementary School in becoming learners for life.



    READY to learn, be prepared, and focused each day. 

    RESPECTFUL of myself, others, and my school at all times. 

    RESPONSIBLE for following the expectations in all aspects of my life.


    Liberty Elementary School students demonstrate respect for themselves and to adults through appropriate behavior at all times, allowing for any responsible adult to correct any observed misbehaviors immediately for the safety and well-being of all. Liberty students will conduct themselves respectfully in the hallways and other public areas by remaining silent, walking in straight lines, and following instructions and directions from supervising adults. Liberty students will also utilize the school restrooms responsibly at either one boy and one girl at a time from any classroom or in supervised groups, making sure to not misuse any items or equipment during their visit.


    Discipline Philosophy

    Our goal at Liberty Elementary School is to nurture positive relationships with students to promote readiness, respect, and responsibility! The Liberty Love and Logic approach is defined as students being held accountable by providing logical consequences. When a student continuously interferes with the learning, safety, or well-being of others, additional support is required to achieve a successful outcome. Significant or perpetual student choices will be addressed by the administration in order to maintain an environment which inspires and creates lifelong learning using real innovations and providing limitless opportunities.


    Liberty Elementary School Team Colors

    Discovery Academy – Neon Green

    Kindergarten - Orange

    First Grade - Tropical Blue

    Second Grade - Navy

    Third Grade - Heather Gray

    Fourth Grade - Red

    Fifth Grade - Black

    Office - Purple

    Special Education - Pink

    Enrichment - Sapphire

    Others - Burgundy