• The MTA Program is a comprehensive, ungraded curriculum which places primary emphasis on 85 percent of the English language which is phonetically reliable for reading and spelling. The program is suitable for children or adults, and it may be used as a remedial program, a complete basic program for beginning students, or as a supplement to a basal reading program.

    There are four major areas of study, each of which is organized for mastery learning: alphabet and dictionary skills, reading, spelling and cursive handwriting. Separate guides are provided for teaching alphabet/dictionary skills and cursive handwriting skills. Reading and spelling materials are packaged in a series of several MTA Reading and Spelling kits. Mastery of all reading and spelling objectives and skills enables students to read and spell 85 percent of the 17,000 most frequently used words which are regular, plus a major portion of the irregular words included in graded vocabulary lists for grades one through six.

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