Mission & Goals

  • After a deep and lengthy process, the Building Leadership Team, consisting of HVE staff members and parents, has crafted our new HVE vision and mission. They embrace the spirit and drive of HVE while moving forward with the district in transforming education through the implementation of the district’s strategic design plan. 

    Our school, parents, and community work in partnership to engage, challenge, and empower students through collaborative and innovative experiences.

    Our students are lifelong learners who excel to personal excellence and embrace an ever-changing world.

District Vision, Mission and Beliefs

    • VISION

      All students are confident, equipped with the knowledge and skills to thrive and adapt for their future.


      Engaging and inspiring learners and leaders.


      • Students’ needs are the center of our learning community.
      • Education is the shared responsibility of students, staff, and community.
      • High quality staff are the heart of a culture of learning.
      • A safe and nurturing environment is essential for a sense of well-being.
      • Continuous improvement informs and inspires future growth.
      • Students are more than a test score.