• Topics

    Week 1

    Word Layout, proofreader marks, skills improvement


    Week 2

    Find/Replace, office clipboard, templates, navigating a document


    Week 3

    Letters and Proofing Tab, document properties


    Week 4

    Text and Paragraph Editing, alignment, bullets and numbering


    Week 5

    Tabulation, tables, and graphics


    Week 6

    Week 5 continued and multi-columns, footnotes


    Weeks 7-8

    Independent practice of Word skills


    Week 9

    Review and semester test

    G'Metrix/Certiport testing


    Week 10

    Excel Spreadsheets:  appearance, organization, basic formulas

    Word review:  GMetrix practice


    Week 11

    Excel Spreadsheets:  Functions, absolute and relative cell references

    Word review:  GMetrix practice


    Week 12

    Excel Spreadsheets:  Conditional formatting, Charts

    Word review:  GMetrix practice