• Week 1

    Basic Tags/Structure

    Week 2

    Basic Tags/Structure

    Creating Lists

    Week 3

    Creating Lists continued

    Week 4

    Creating Lists/Page Layout

    Week 5

    Page Layout/Styling Text Content

    Week 6

    Styling Text Content/Site Struture and Links

    Week 7

    Stie Structure and Links/Begin first project (encompasses all learned skills)

    Week 8

    Finish Project/Begin graphic editing program GIMP

    Week 9

    GIMP:  Basic skills, crop/resize, filters/Semester Exam

    Week 10

    GIMP:  Selected regions/cloning

    Week 11

    GIMP:  Text and Automation

    Week 12

    GIMP continuation

    HTML/CSS image insertion/hyperlinks

    Lessn 6, Unit 3

    Week 13

    Working with images in basic html

    Week 14

    GIMP:  Image maps/layers/image colorization

    Week 15

    GIMP:  motion graphics

    html/css - margins/borders

    Week 16

    Creating basic tables in html/css and merging cells

    css classes and ids

    Week 17

    color design/element positioning

    navigation bars

    Week 18

    embedding media/transforming elements