• Hi! My name is Mrs. Eatwell. I am the counselor at Flower Mound Elementary.

    What does the elementary counselor do?

    I teach in each classroom on topics such as self esteem, decision making, problem solving, conflict resolution, friendship, and communication skills. I also assist with anti-drug education, child development, and safety information. I teach test taking, study skills and organization.

    Do you have small groups?

    Yes, I meet with small groups of students as needed for usually 6-8 sessions. We work on conflict resolution, problem-solving, making friends and coping with stressful situations. Students like Group and usually ask to come back again.

    Do you see individual students?

    Yes, I see students who are upset, sad, or angry right away. We work on problem-solving, identifying feelings, and making choices. We may see each other for a follow-up visit. Sometimes parents or teachers ask me to see students for a few visits to work on a particular issue and I try to see the students several times during the year to watch for improvement.

    What do you do for parents?

    I am available for parent conferences and phone conferences to share information about students and how they are coping with school. I have books and information on parenting topics. I can usually obtain information on any issues parents may have. If you have any concerns please call or come by my office.

    How do I contact the counselor?

    Call the school at 469-713-5955 and ask for Ms. Eatwell or "the counselor." You can also click below to email me. My fax number is 972-350-9560. My office is just down the hall and around the corner from the main office. See you soon!

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