February Guidance

  • February Guidance

    This month is all about friendship.  Each class has participated in fun lesson talking about what it means to be a friend, how to find new friends, and how to join a group.  Next round of lessons will be on how to handle friendship problems and teasing.  How can you help your child with making friends?  Help them feel comfortable asking someone to play by role playing at home.  Give them tips on not only asking with a friendly voice and message but looking "friendly".  Encourage them to smile and stand up tall!  When asking someone to play, it is polite to let the other person choose what they can play together, but it is a good idea for your child to have a back up plan.  If the other child can't think of something, then the budding friendship won't be squashed by not having a path to the next step.  Also, work with your child on compromising.  It is a common problem for an argument to occur when they can decide on something that they both want to play.

    Joining a group can be hard.  When your child wants to join an activity take a look at these helpful steps:

    1. Observe what the group is doing.(what are they playing, what are the rules, are they playing fair)

    2. Give a compliment or ask a question

    3. Ask to join

    4. If they say no, keep observing and see if an opportunity arises to join(someone gets hurt or has to leave early).  Also, be looking for a way you could help the group by giving a suggestion.

    5. Ask to join again

    6.  If they say no again, go find something else to do with another group or something you enjoy alone.


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