• Drop off/Pick up lines and locations

    1. First day of school parents can walk students in to the gym (grades 3-5) or cafeteria (grades K-2). K-5 parents are allowed to walk students to the classroom the first day of school only.
    2. Students may be dropped off by the front of the school or by the cafeteria on the side of the school. Students must be dropped off next to a sidewalk and are not allowed to be dropped off in the parking lot. The drop off line by the front of the school has two lanes. Please stay in your lane until after you pass the crossing guard. In the afternoon, there is just one lane next to the sidewalk that goes by the front entrance.
    3. Car pick-up lines are in the same locations as morning drop off. One single lane by the front office door and the other line that starts by the gym. You will need to have your hang tag with your family number posted where the staff can see it. (Please see the front office staff for a number if you do not already have one) Please discuss with your child whether you will be picking up at the front of the school or by the gym/cafeteria. You may get your car tag number from the front office.
    4. If you are in K-1st grade, teachers need to be aware of how the student is going to be picked up after school.
    5. Walkers- Students in K grade that are picked up by a parent will meet that parent at the door to the left of the main entrance. 1st grade students are at the end of the first grade hallway (hallway closest to the street with a large number of stairs). A designated parent must be there in order for your child to be released. If you are in grades 2-5 you may wait for your students by the front entrance of the school.
    6. Bus riders- Parents will need to contact First Student since routes are determined by student numbers and location. 
    1. If your child is going home with someone different than normal then the teacher needs an email or note to inform them of the change. For the safety of the children teachers have to be notified by the parent.
    2. Please let the teachers know in advance in changes in pick up. If it is an emergency and after 1 pm please call the front office and they will pass along the message to the teacher and your student.


    1. Students will sit with their class during lunch in the lunchroom.
    2. Students have the option of purchasing lunch or bringing their own lunch from home. Menus are located on the following page on the school website. http://lisd.schooldish.com/Commerce/Catalog/EatWellHome.aspx
    3. Allergy- If your child has an allergy please let his/her teacher know.
    4. If your child wishes to buy lunch at school they can bring in money or you can place money on their school cafeteria lunch account. You can either go on-line (https://lewisville.revtrak.net/tek9.asp?pg=products&grp=69 ) or send a check into the school (made to Bridlewood Elementary) with your child’s name, teacher and grade.
    5. When buying lunch in which you have money in your account your child will need to know their school id number (you need to request this from the front office). If your account is getting low they will let your student know so you can add more money to the account. If your balance is low you may sign up for email alerts on the following website. https://lewisville.revtrak.net/tek9.asp?pg=products&grp=69
    6. Students will need their student id in order to buy lunch from the cafeteria. They will use their student ID throughout the year when logging into the computer. Student ID’s can be found on Skyward or you can ask the front office.
    7. Grades will have a designated ice cream day where the students are allowed to buy an ice cream treat from the cafeteria.
    8. If you would like to eat with your child, you may do so after the 2nd week of school. You may bring in outside food for you and your student. Students must sit with their parent. If you want an extended family member to come to lunch you must provide the school with a written note giving permission. You are only allowed to sit with your student at the Parent/Student table. Advance notice is appreciated by the office staff.
    9. Snacks- some of the younger grades go to lunch early and therefore have a hard time making it to the end of school without getting hungry. Students may bring in a snack to eat in the afternoon (easy finger foods that do not require a spoon) such as pretzels, goldfish, etc).


    There is a supply list each year designated by grade. You may order wrap packs (already assembled box of supplies) at the end of the school year/summer before the next school year. You may also get the list of supplies and gather them yourself.


    Skyward is our online grading and student information. New forms will need to be checked at the beginning of each school year and will be able to be done completely online. You may also set up email alerts for missing assignments, low grades and grade averages. http://lisd.net/Page/9363

    Background check-

    If you would like to volunteer at the school or help with school related field trips please go online and complete the background check. It takes 3 weeks to get cleared so please take that into account.

    Front Office check-in

    For the safety of the teachers and students, you must check in the front office before proceeding to anywhere in the building (Even if it is afterschool hours). You will receive a name tag that you must wear while you are in the building. Please return it to the front office as you are leaving campus.

    Spirit Sticks

    Spirit sticks are a fun way to encourage the students. Teachers are allowed to hand them out when they witness a student going above and beyond. There are also spirit sticks that can be purchased in the office for $2.


    Specials are rotated throughout the week. A schedule will be based on the child’s teacher. Music, Art, and PE are the specials offered at Bridlewood.


    https://twitter.com/bridlewoodes- Twitter account

    https://www.instagram.com/lewisvilleisd/- Instagram

    Student handbook/Dress code/Code of Conduct

    Please refer to the student handbook online (https://www.lisd.net/Page/14962)

    Dress code for your student (https://www.lisd.net/Page/7229)

    Code of Conduct https://www.lisd.net/Page/14891