TECC - East Pharmacy Technician students participate in a 9-10 week externship that allows them to work at a local pharmacy 3 times a week instead of coming to class. The students are working side by side with Certified Pharmacy Technicians under the guidance and instruction of a Pharmacist to prepare for the National Pharmacy Technician Certification Exam.

    The sponsoring pharmacies below offer our Pharmacy Technician students an opportunity to learn the necessary job skills required to be successful in the world of medicine, specifically the pharmacy, and as Pharmacy Technicians.  This is hands-on learning where students will spend a portion of their class time working in the field with one or more of the companies below.  Students are not only provided with the knowledge of curriculum required to pass the test but given an opportunity to learn the job itself.  

    We cannot thank these companies enough for the opportunities they are providing to these students.
    CVS Pharmacy
    Flower Mound Pharmacy